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Synergy Middle East is a strategic outsourcing solutions provider, specialized in handling outsourced sales & marketing, back office processes like human resources & payroll management, skilled and unskilled labour outsourcing for projects, customized delivery solutions, practical marketing solutions, contract publishing and event management.

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Service Overview
Skilled and unskilled labour for specific projects

Apart from specializing in sales and marketing staff outsourcing for financial services sector Synergy Middle East also offers supply of skilled and unskilled labour for specific projects under our division Synergy Middle East Decoration.

Based on the scope of work outlined to us by the client for a project, we shortlist suitable candidates for final selection by the client within the time frame agreed upon by both parties. Once recruited we take the responsibility for completing the recruitment and visa formalities, HR and payroll management of these employees.

We also offer immediate replacements for staff who leave or are terminated by the client. We work as partners with our clients to ensure the smooth functioning of our client's projects.
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